Welcome To My New Blog

Hello to anybody who's reading and welcome to my new blog.

My name is Coby Benveniste. I'm a 23 year old Software Developer, a semi-entrepreneur, and a serial innovator. I grew up in Herzliya, Israel and Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Go Falcons!) and am currently living in Tel Aviv, living my life and finding new ways to get in trouble.

I don't really thing that this is going to be a massive success, nor am I sharing the link with anybody (although it is at the very bottom of my website), so basically, it'll just be floating around the Internet cosmos forever.

I decided to start this because I think it's a good idea to write about one's experiences, so I'm essentially going to be using this as a journal or diary of sorts.

I'll try to write once a week or so, and describe what I've been doing so far in my life. This will include anything from personal things that are going on, to developments in my professional life, to random technology things that I'm doing.

This article is my oldest. It is 177 words long