Last Week Of Freedom

Last week, I was unemployed, and living every teenager's dream: playing video games, watching Netflix, and sleeping 24/7. Then, something crazy happened.

Before a few months ago, I had been working at Signals Analytics, an Insights-as-a-Service analytics startup based in Netanya, Israel. I loved working there, not for the work, but for the people. The work was alright, I was THE Tableau Specialist and semi-Data Scientist for the whole company, as well as a Software Developer on the Research and Analytics team. Basically I was doing most of the Tableau work at the company on any projects that had any sort of complexity, and I was also building and maintaining new and innovative tools to push the company forward technologically.

Then tragedy struck. The company laid off 30 percent of the employees, and they disbanded several teams in order to try and restructure. Now, nobody will outright say this, but the company had been making bad decisions to get even worse sales, which were costing the company more than they were bringing in. In addition to losing money on most of the projects, the leadership was not working well, and the company was attempting to go in too many directions, and failing at all of them. They ended up getting rid of my team, and while they gave me an option to stay, I decided that I didn't want to be there while they continued making bad decisions. Besides, the only reason I had stayed so long was because of the people on my team, who I adored, and with the team no longer in existence, I had no reason to stay.

So I left. And from the middle of April until now, I've been living in (f)unemployed. It's been awesome. Labor laws in Israel are great, so I was able to get a nice check every month from the unemployment office, and I spent my time learning and working on some small projects, but mostly playing video games, watching Netflix, and sleeping.

And this brings us to last week. I had been casually searching for jobs, not super actively, but when I saw something I liked, I would submit an application. I knew that I still had plenty of time left on unemployment benefits, so I wasn't worried about money. But last week, a recruiting company reached out to me and asked if I was interested in a position at Spot.IM, a startup company very close to my apartment, with lots of funding and a small team. I said sure, and told them to submit me as a candidate. Within a day, I had passed the initial HR interview, a few days later I passed the technical interview, and the next day, I received an offer.

The people at Spot.IM seemed great, and the offer was a stupid amount of money, enough for me to be extremely happy and satisfied each month, so I decided to take it, and now, I'm about to start this new job next week.

I'm really hoping that everything will be great. Like I said before, the people seem nice, very chill, and definitely nerdy. They are also fairly young, which bodes well for me, since at Signals I was the youngest person at the company for two and a half years. Here, I'll be on the average side. They are working with some very cool tech, and I got some cool vibes from their office. They also had me speak to their in-house psychologist (she's their Head of Relationships), which I thought was an incredible idea, it seemed like they took their employees mental health very seriously, and they wanted to make sure that they were happy. And, as an added bonus, there are a few very cute and nerdy Israeli girls there, so maybe I'll meet someone special, who knows?

So, what happened to me this week? I got a new job at a place that seems fantastic. I enjoyed my last week of unemployment freedom before getting back into the employed world. And I reset myself to be ready for the new adventure ahead.

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